How to send SMS Broadcast in Wigzo Dashboard

Steps on How to send SMS Broadcast in Wigzo Dashboard – 

Step 1: Login to the wigzo dashboard. Click “Broadcast”. 

Step 2: Click “Create Broadcast twice” 

Step 3: Click “SMS” and then click next. 

Step 4: Upload new CSV selecting the below option. 

From the “Select existing CSV” click on the CSV file that you want to send out for broadcast and click “next”

Note: Make sure to check the “Estimated Reach” of the CSV. 

Step 5: Below page will appear. 

In “Campaign name” put the “campaign description”. 

In “Message” put the “text copy”. 

Step 6: Click next. 

Note: If you want to Test the Broadcast, Click “Send test SMS” 

Add a US number to make sure the broadcast goes out correctly when we test the campaign. 

Click “Send SMS” and click OK. 

Step 7: Select if the broadcast needs to be sent out “immediately” or needs to be “scheduled at a certain time”.

Click “Send campaign” and click “yes”

Click Ok

Reload the main page to identify the data.