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Conversations on WhatsApp can help you build stronger customer relationships.

Use WhatsApp to instantly connect with billions of people. Using WhatsApp, create personalised shopping experiences that drive sales.

Full Suite For SMS Automation & Campaigns

We create personalized SMS campaigns across multiple channels defined by your customers’ journey

Build your Business Account

Create a certified Business Profile with your company details. Once customers have opted in to receive your messages, you’re ready to start chatting.

Share Rich Media

Take advantage of WhatsApp’s rich media capacity. Share geolocations, images, and audio recordings and receive videos to gain context and provide support to customers.

SMS Fallback

With Wigzo, set up SMS fallback for urgent messages to ensure your content gets delivered regardless of internet access.

Push more Conversions

Deliver enhanced customer experience, send personalized & contextual communication about deals, products they’ve left behind in their carts to push more sales.

No more Abandoned Carts

Nudge the customers with hyper-personalized contextual communication at the right time to recover lost sales. Send event-triggered cart-recovery links to the customers over WhatsApp.

Use Wigzo's intuitive dashboard to make data-driven decisions

Create dynamic audience segments and workflows that send contextual messages based on user actions.

Welcome to Wigzo’s API for WhatsApp Business Solution

Enterprises aiming to drive omnichannel engagement with the WhatsApp Business solution could be taken aback with the additional operational overhead. This is where wigzo comes in: we take away the complexity of running your own network integration with a simple, reliable, and scalable REST API. And yes, it complies with GDPR, too.

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