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Personalized Push Notifications That Turn Clicks into Dollars & Get Revenue of up to 25%

With Nudge's revolutionary AI-powered contextual push notifications and pop-ups, skyrocket your conversions by 10X and increase your revenue like never before.

Reach Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere and Stay Unforgettable

Maximize sales potential and secure customer loyalty

Send targeted & timely notifications, deals and more

Push notifications and targeted offers for cart recovery

Real-time customer conversations beyond your website

Cross-platform compatibility on both desktop & Android

Advanced machine learning for 360-degree customer view

Quick 15-minute setup

Track, analyze, and optimize in real-time

 Wizgo enables tracking your customers’ behavior on your site and various other digital channels, resulting in a complete and comprehensive 360-degree profile of each user. Our highly advanced machine learning algorithms capitalize on this information to provide deeper insights into customer behavior, allowing personalized communications and offers to be delivered.

Optimize your customer outreach by segmenting your data and implementing triggers to engage customers based on their interests and past behavior. Crafting custom campaigns is easy and quick, taking just 15 minutes or less.

Using targeted CTAs, Wigzo delivers personalized push notifications to your customers across all devices, including desktop, browser, and mobile, instantly capturing their attention with relevant offers.


Multiply your conversion rate by 4X and turn visitors into subscribers with personalized web notifications. No tedious forms to fill out, just a simple click


Rev up your audience engagement with automated drip notification campaigns that operate on autopilot mode. With just a click, you can set up campaigns that help you nurture your audience and convince them to become your customers


Elevate your notification game with stunning web push notifications to grab users' attention. Personalize and tailor your texts to target specific groups of users, resulting in more meaningful interaction and watch as the traffic to your website skyrockets.

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Our browser notification service caters to desktops, mobile, and iOS devices.

Push Automation

Bring you A-game by optimizing message scheduling and crafting personalized texts based on segments for optimum results.

Triggers And Actions

Check in visitor activity, interests, and intentions before sending push notifications and define actions based on their behavior on your website.

Live Tracking

Get real-time updates on your push performance, from delivery rates to opens, clicks, and more! We make sure you get the full rundown of your campaign's success

Opt-ins for the Win

Expect 10x higher opt-in rates. With our one-click opt-ins, visitors won't have to share their email addresses to receive business notifications.

24/7 support

No more waiting or unanswered messages! We're available 24/7 through email, Skype, or phone calls to help resolve any issues.

Campaigns Made Smart & Easy

Get smart with our preset campaign ideas that match your conversion goals and see your sales skyrocket with these foolproof tips!

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Rise in the conversion of cart-abandoning customers.


Boost in click-through rate from Push Notifications


Boost in engagement by clever personalized Push Notifications

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