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Why E-commerce Brands Trust Wigzo's Magic Link?

By placing the Magic Link on any suitable marketing channel, brands can instantly drive more SMS subscriber opt-ins without the customer having to type any single character.

Wigzo’s Magic Link can be placed on any suitable channel. Upon clicking the Magic Link, the user is automatically redirected to their mobile SMS app pre-populated with their info.

The user can then choose their details and become your brand’s subscriber.

How does the Magic Link work?

Magic Link allows digital retail brands to instantly drive more SMS subscriber opt-ins without the customer having to type any single character.

Setup your custom Magic Link for any marketing campaign in 3 easy steps:

1. Give your Magic Link a name and description

2. Set other details for your Magic Link campaign

3. Review the campaign before placing the link

Get more Subscribers to push
sales today

Double Tap Opt in

To ease the load of compliance for e-commerce clients, Wigzo has created the industry-first TCPA-compliant opt-in system for SMS subscribers.

– Experience 40%+ and much higher opt-in rates
– Fast autofill and redirection so that you never lose an interested customer

Onboard Anonymous Users Faster

Give your anonymous users a chance to associate with you via an effortless ‘link click’! Magic Link nudges your audience to consent to basic information exchange without typing anything, and avail brand benefits.

– Effortless subscriber onboarding
– Make the most of your anonymous channel traffic

Unlock the Power of Instagram Stories

Visual marketing is a strong driver of sales and brand influence. With Magic Link, you can focus on creating the best Instagram stories, while we enable seamless onboarding of your customers.

– Add high-intent SMS subscribers via Magic Link on Instagram
– Custom-built for every website
– Suitable for every use-case
– Seamless autofill and redirection functionality

Build First-party Customer Database Faster - with Magic Link QR

Introducing the phygital ‘QR Code extension’ for Wigzo’s Magic Link. The scanned QR pops a pre-populated SMS screen on the customer’s smartphone. With one-tap, they can become your subscribers by sending that message. Place the QR on your visual touchpoints and let the customers scan it from;

– Your website (desktop version only)
– Product packaging
– Digital banners
– In-store banners

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